Information about Actos and bladder cancer.

Actos Bladder Cancer Studies

A four-year study conducted by researchers in France uncovered a link between the long-term or high-dose use of Actos and bladder cancer. French health officials have stated that patients in their study were 75% more likely to develop bladder cancer when taking Actos at higher doses.

In June 2011, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an Actos warning based on preliminary results from a 10-year study of the drug. Researchers found that patients who use Actos for more than one year are 40% more likely to be diagnosed with bladder cancer than non-users.

A July 2012 study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal determined that some individuals with type 2 diabetes are at a 40% increased risk of developing bladder cancer prior to using Actos or other diabetes medication. The use of Actos heightened the risk of bladder cancer by 22% in this study, which included data from over 2.6 million participants.

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