Information about Actos and bladder cancer.

Louisiana man files Actos lawsuit against drug maunfacturer

February 9th, 2012

A Louisiana man has filed an Actos lawsuit against the drug’s manufacturer after he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Russell Samanie alleges that Takeda Pharmaceuticals failed to warn consumers of the increased risks of developing bladder cancer when taking Actos.

Samanie took Actos for more than a year to manage his type-II diabetes before being diagnosed with bladder cancer. The Food and Drug Administration issued a warning in 2011 after a study found patients who use Actos for more than a year are up to 40% more likely to develop bladder cancer.

Actos was approved for sale in 1999. Results from a 10-year study led France and Germany to voluntarily suspend the sale of Actos in 2011, and the European Commission has ordered a new bladder cancer warning and restrictions to the drug. According to attorneys, Takeda could face thousands of lawsuits over Actos.

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