Information about Actos and bladder cancer.

Louisiana man files Actos bladder cancer lawsuit

September 28th, 2011

A Louisiana man has filed a lawsuit against the manufactures of Actos alleging that he developed bladder cancer after taking the diabetes drug. Tommy Thompson’s Actos lawsuit alleges that Takeda Pharmaceuticals—the manufacturer of the drug—failed to properly warn patients that prolonged use of Actos could significantly increase their risk of being diagnosed with bladder cancer.

In June 2011, the Food and Drug Administration warned that patients who used Actos for more than one year are up to 40% more likely to develop bladder cancer. Health officials in France and Germany recalled Actos earlier that year due to the drug’s link to an increased bladder cancer risk.

Thompson states in his lawsuit that he took Actos for several years to treat his type II diabetes before he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Attorneys not involved with Thompson’s case have predicted that hundreds of Actos lawsuits may eventually be filed on behalf of patients who developed bladder cancer after taking the drug.

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